Common Name Height Bloom Time Bloom Color Exposure
Concorde Barberry 2′ Spring Yellow Sun
Green Velvet Boxwood 2′ Insignificant Insignificant Shade
Fine Line Buckthorn (pictured on the right) 6′ Insignificant Insignificant Sun
Compact Burning Bush 5-6′ Insignificant Insignificant Sun
Iroquois Beauty Black Chokeberry 3-5′ May White Sun
Arctic Fire Dogwood 3-4′ Spring White Sun
Gold Tide Forsythia 2-3.5′ Early Spring Yellow Sun
  Bush Honeysuckle, Kodiak Orange 3-4′ Spring Yellow Sun to Part Shade
Annabelle Hydrangea 3-5′ Summer White Sun to Shade
Firelight Hydrangea 5-6′ July-Fall White to Raspberry Pink Sun to Shade
Limelight Hydrangea 6-8′ July-Fall Lime Green to White Sun to Shade
Little Lime Hydrangea 3-5′ July-Fall Lime Green to White Sun to Shade
Quick Fire Hydrangea 6-8′ June-Fall White turning Pink Sun to Shade
Little Quick Fire Hydrangea 3-5′ June-Fall White turning Pink Sun to Shade
Hydrangea-strawberry-sundae-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea 4-5′ July-Fall White turning Pink to Red Sun to Shade
hypericum-colbalt-n-gold-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum 2-3′ Summer Yellow Sun
hypercium-ames-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Ames Hypericum 2-3′ Summer Yellow Sun
  Blue Arrow Juniper 10-12′ Insignificant Foliage is Bright Blue Sun
Blue Star Juniper 18-24″ Insignificant Foliage is Bright Blue Sun
Daub’s Frosted Juniper 1-2′ Insignificant Green needles with golden tips Sun
Grey Owl Juniper 2-3′ Insignificant Silvery Grey with excellent blue grey berries Sun
Amber Jubilee Ninebark 5-6′ Spring White Sun
Fireside Ninebark 5-7′ Spring Pinkish White Sun
Summer Wine Ninebark 5-6′ Spring White Sun
Little Devil Ninebark 3-4′ Spring White Sun
Dwarf Norway Spruce 3-4′   Medium Green short needled evergreen Sun
Globe Blue Spruce 3-5′   Blue Needled Evergreen Sun
Lacette Fragrant Sumac 3-4.5′ Insignificant Insignificant Sun
Sumac-TigerEyes-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Tiger Eyes Sumac 6′ Summer Red Sun
Alpine-currant-GreenMound-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Alpine Currant 3-5′ Insignificant White Sun
Pink Sparkler Spirea 3-4′ Spring Pink Sun
spirea-tor-birchleaf-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Tor Birchleaf Spirea 2-3′ Late Spring White Sun
Charles Joly Lilac 10-12′ May Magenta Sun
Mount Baker Lilac 10-12′ May White Sun
Pocahontas Lilac 10-12′ Spring Dark Purple Sun
Sensation Lilac 10-12′ Spring Purple with white edge Sun
Yankee Doodle Lilac 8-10′ Spring Deep Purple Sun
Winecraft Black Smokebush 4-6′ Spring Smokey Purple Sun
Viburmnum-BlueMuffin-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Blue Muffin Viburnum 5-7′ Spring White Sun
Raspberry Tart Viburnum 4-5′ June White Sun-Part Shade
Spice Baby Viburnum 4-6′ Spring Pink Sun-Part Shade
Taunton Yew 3-4′ Insignificant Dark green softer evergreen Full-Part Shade