Common Name Height Bloom Time Bloom Color Exposure
Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry 3-5′ May White Sun
Emerald Carousel Barberry 4-5′ May Yellow Sun
Arctic Fire Dogwood 3-4′ Spring White Sun
Baton Rouge Dogwood 3-4′ Spring White Sun
Golden Spirit Smokebush 8′ Midsummer Beige Sun- Part Shade
Royal Purple Smokebush 8-10′ Midsummer Beige Sun
Gold Cluster Forsythia 4′ Early Spring Yellow Sun
Limelight Hydrangea 6-8′ July-Fall Lime Green to White Sun to Shade
Little Lime Hydrangea 3-5′ July-Fall Lime Green to White Sun to Shade
Pinky Winky Hydrangea 6-8′ July-Fall White turning Pink Sun to Shade
Quick Fire Hydrangea 6-8′ June-Fall White turning Pink Sun to Shade
  Little Quick Fire Hydrangea 3-5′ June-Fall White turning Pink Sun to Shade
Hydrangea-strawberry-sundae-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea 4-5′ July-Fall White turning Pink to Red Sun to Shade
hypericum-colbalt-n-gold-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum 2-3′ Summer Yellow Sun
hypercium-ames-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Ames Hypericum 2-3′ Summer Yellow Sun
Daub’s Frosted Juniper 1-2′   Green needles with golden tips Sun
Amber Jubilee Ninebark 5-6′ Spring White Sun
Summer Wine Ninebark 5-6′ Spring White Sun
Little Devil Ninebark 3-4′ Spring White Sun
Dwarf Norway Spruce 3-4′   Medium Green short needled evergreen Sun
Globe Blue Spruce 3-5′   Blue Needled Evergreen Sun
Sumac-TigerEyes-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Tiger Eyes Sumac 6′ Summer Red Sun
Alpine-currant-GreenMound-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Green Mound Alpine Currant 3-4′ Insignificant White Sun
Elderberry-BlackLace-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Black Lace Elderberry 4-5′ May Pink Sun
‘Sem’ False Spirea 3-4′ July-August Creamy White Sun
spirea-tor-birchleaf-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Tor Birchleaf Spirea 2-3′ Late Spring White Sun
Albert Holden Lilac 7′ May Deep Violet Sun
Charles Joly Lilac 10-12′ May Magenta Sun
Mount Baker Lilac 10-12′ May White Sun
Sensation Lilac 8-10′ May Purple with white edge on every petal Sun
Autumn Jazz Viburnum 10-12′ Spring White Sun
Viburmnum-BlueMuffin-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Blue Muffin Viburnum 5-7′ Spring White Sun