Many people ask us what our farm name means.  I thought it was appropriate to explain it in our first post. Red Granite Farm came about because of our love of the farm and a desire to give our children a farm life. Both growing up on conventional Iowa farms and knowing we couldn’t do that for our children, Red Granite Farm has become our way of giving our kids a farm life. We both have horticulture degrees from Iowa State. Steve’s emphasis is in Fruit and Vegetable Production and Nicole’s is in Ornamental Horticulture. Our 5 acre farm is in rural Boone County, Iowa.  The rock in the picture pretty much tells the story.  We have lots of rocks we’ve dug up at the farm, but none as big as this one!  It sits in the northwest corner of our property and is sort of a local landmark.  People have said it goes 17′ into the ground, so we won’t be moving it anytime soon.