We have been enjoying some very nice fall days lately.  The last week has felt more like summer than fall, which I appreciate as it has allowed me to get more planting done in my garden. One thing I haven’t been able to plant yet is SPRING BULBS!! It’s just been too warm. The nice thing about them is that you have until you cannot dig anymore to get them in the ground. There will be plenty of true fall days ahead to get them planted. I’m actually hoping for a little moisture as our ground it terribly dry right now!

Here’s a sneak peak at the varieties I’m offering for sale at the farmer’s market. There are three Wednesdays and three Saturdays left, so get out sooner rather than later for best selection.

This is just a small selection of what is available. I have all the information you need about proper planting and I can help you design your spring bulbs into already existing beds. It’s the time of year that we have to “Think Spring” and forget about what happens between now and then (winter)! Plant these beauties now, and in the spring just enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Van Engelen Inc. and John Scheepers Inc. Bulb Companies