I have been busy potting perennials these last few weeks and have been absent from blogging. I apologize, but I’m really excited about all the great plants I’ve been working with. I can’t wait for them to grow big and be ready for sale to you, my customer! I had lots of interest in what I brought to the indoor market this weekend. Once I can bring more selection and the weather warms up I hope to talk with even more gardeners geared up for spring.

Speaking of getting ready for spring, this week begins the big job of cleaning up my perennial beds.  I noticed a lot of bulbs poking through, so before there is too much competition, I need to get out there with a fresh coat of mulch.  My best advice for a successful perennial border is mulch and a pre-emergent weed killer such as Preen.  Mulch not only helps retain moisture, but it also makes everything look very cohesive.  Preen makes the job of keeping the weeds out much easier, as it kills weed seeds before they even germinate.

Removing last years perennial waste always makes me feel good.  It’s a sort of renewal, rebirth of the garden.  A few things to consider when starting your spring clean-up:

  • Have sharp tools- pruners, hedge shears and even your spade (you never know when the notion to move something will strike you.)
  • Have your supply of Preen and mulch well stocked.  I always clear debris, spread Preen and then apply mulch to the top.  You can put Preen on top, but being out in the country where it’s windy, I feel the mulch helps keep the Preen in place.
  • Take note of areas that need a new plant or just more plants.  The more plants you have, the less mulch you’ll need in the future.
  • Take into consideration how big things will get. It all looks really sparse now, but could be full by June or July.
  • Pace yourself—gardening can be a real workout!
  • At the end of the day, sit back with a glass of lemonade, enjoy the beauty of your newly cleared beds and wait for things to bloom!!

This was April 11th, 2010. Not sure they’ll bloom that early this year! These are Tete-a-Tete miniature Daffodils.