DSC06683I made this arrangement of non-hardy succulents this spring. I took it to market once or twice and then got tired of loading and unloading it.  It needs a good home. One that’s not too hot (like your house at 70° all winter) and one that’s not too cold (like outside below freezing all winter), but one that it just right. A warm sunny porch, an east window of a breezeway, or if you want to make it really thrive—a nice warm greenhouse. I’m not willing to heat my greenhouse all winter for this guy, and while they do okay in the house, Nolan is sure to have it for lunch someday now that he’s crawling and almost walking all over the place! There are eight uniquely different succulents in four compartments. If you want to know what each one is, I may be able to identify most of them.  The jar itself is a dark blue and is heavy pottery that is glazed with a rustic finish.

Let me know if you’re interested by dropping me an e-mail at redgranitefarm@hotmail.com or calling our home at 515-432-5966.  I’m asking $100 for it, but that could be negotiable!