Things are popping up all over my garden with his amazing week of weather we’ve been having.  There are pros and cons to an early spring, and it technically is still winter for a few more days, so we’re proceeding with caution.  The plants in the garden don’t read a calendar though and I see many signs of life from trees, to perennials and bulbs blooming all over!

A few reasons why these high temps could be harmful:

  • A late freeze is inevitable—this is Iowa after all.
  • Sometimes people don’t look at the calendar either and jump the gun and plant their tender annuals too early.  By May 1st we should know the forecast far enough out to know if it’ll be okay to plant them or not.
  • Trees are starting to bud and cold nights (or even days for that matter) could damage flower and leaf buds.  If the buds are damaged we might not get any flowers and smaller leaves on some species.
  • Fruit trees with damaged flower buds will not produce.
  • Even insects may get confused from this long stretch and could get their life cycles messed up. May not be a bad thing in the case of the mosquito!
  • Even the experienced gardener may decide to jump the gun and uncover perennial beds and tender roses and hydrangeas too early, leaving them exposed to late frosts and freeze.

But there are some reasons why we should just enjoy it and let nature take it’s course:


*Playing outside—good for kids and parents!  And so far we don’t have too much mud to watch out for.  Nolan will be the first one at the backdoor if anyone mentions “going outside!”


*You can’t help but smile when you see these sunny yellow crocus blooming!


*Snowdrops without snow around them are always a beautiful sight.


*Wish Blogger came with Smell-O-Vision- as this Vernal Witchhazel is AMAZING right now. They always bloom this time of year, but I think the nice weather has made their fragrance even more intoxicating! These delicate blooms have been beautiful for at least three weeks and the red variety hasn’t even started blooming yet. These are a great small tree/ large shrub for a part shade garden.


*The chickens have gotten lots of days outside this winter with the lack of snow, but something about warm weather makes them even more active. They’ve been burying themselves in the dirt and just plain happy to be out with the warm wind on their feathers. They are still laying about 7 dozen a day, so they are earning their keep.

The 8 day forecast looks good, so get out and enjoy it! I hope that even if it cools off, it doesn’t go back into a deep freeze, but Mother Nature will do what she is going to do and we and the plants will have to adapt.