Photo Common Name Height Bloom Time

Bloom Color/

Foliage Interest

Pink Shooting Star 15-18″ Spring Purple-pink Part-Full Shade
White Shooting Star 10-14″ Spring White Part-Full Shade
Epimedium rubrum 10-12″ Spring Red Part-Full Shade
Epimedium Domino 18-24″ Spring White w/ pink Part-Full Shade
Epimedium Pink Champagne 18-24″ Spring Pink Part-Full Shade
Epimedium Pretty in Pink 18″ Spring Pink Part-Full Shade
Epimedium Songbirds 16-18″ Spring Golden Yellow Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Ivory Prince 12-18″ Early Spring Ivory with rose Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Blushing Bridesmaid 18-24″ Early Spring Pink Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Confetti Cake 18-24″ Early Spring Burgundy Speckles/White Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Rome in Red 18-24″ Early Spring Rich Red Wine Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Spanish Flare 18-24″ Early Spring Pale Yellow w/ Red Flares Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, Tropical Sunset 18-24″ Early Spring

Yellow w/ burgundy

Part-Full Shade
Helleborus, True Love 18-24″ Early Spring

Maroon Red

Part-Full Shade
Hosta, Big Daddy 24″ Summer`

White/ Blue puckered and cupped leaves


Hosta, Blueberry Muffin 14″ Summer

Lavender/ Blue Green puckered 

foliage with mauve stems

  Hosta, Brother Stephan 20″ Summer

White/ Spring leaves blue with chartreuse/puckered

  Hosta, Curly Fries 6″ Summer

Lavender/Rippled,narrow leaves

Hosta, Earth Angel  30″ Summer

Pale lavender/ Heart Shaped,

Blue/Green with Cream margin

Hosta, Frances Williams 22″ Summer

White/ Giant Blue leaves with Chartreuse margin

Hosta, Guacamole  22″ Summer

Pale lavender/Apple Green w/

dark green margin

Hosta, Island Breeze 12″ Summer

Lavender/ Wide green margins w/ yellow center in Spring


Hosta, Lakeside Paisley Print 10″ Summer

Light Lavender/ Thick Heartshaped leaf with cream center


Hosta, Orion’s Belt 20″ Summer

Pale Lavender/ Blue green center with creamy yellow margin



Hosta, Praying Hands 14-18″ Summer

Lavender/ Upright tightly folded leaves resemble hands

Part Shade
 Hosta-Stained-Glass-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Hosta, Stained Glass 15″ Summer

Pale lavender/ Huge gold leaves/

dark green margins

Hosta, Touch of Class  16″ Summer

Lavender/ Blue margins and chartreuse



A small amount of Mini Hostas will be available in 2022-

Top L-R: Blue Mouse Ears, N/A, Mini Skirt, Bottom L-R: Pandora’s Box, School Mouse, Sun Mouse

6-8″ Summer

These all have lavender purple flowers

Blue Mouse Ears- blue

Mighty Mouse-N/A

Mini Skirt- blue green with cream edge

Pandora’s Box- white with green edge

School Mouse- green leaf, yellow margin

Sun Mouse- yellow leaf


Lamium, Beacon Silver 8″ Summer

Lavender Pink

Lamium, Herman’s Pride 12″ Spring Yellow Shade
Ligularia, Little Rocket 20″ Summer Bright Yellow


 Ligularia-Othello-red-granite-farm-boone-iowa Ligularia, Othello 2′ Summer Golden Orange


Virginia Bluebells 18″ Spring Blue Part-Full Shade
Variegated Solomon’s Seal 18-24″ Spring White Part-Full Shade
Pulmonaria, EB Anderson 9-12″ Spring Pink buds open Blue Part-Full Shade
Pulmonaria, Raspberry Splash  10-12″ Spring Pink-Lilac Purple Part-Full Shade
Vinca Minor 6″ Spring Periwinkle Part-Full Shade