I uncovered the perennials that I overwintered in pots yesterday. I was pleased to find signs of life in the majority of the pots. With the warm temps we’ve been having, I had to uncover them and let them soak up some sunshine otherwise they may start to grow and not green up without some sunlight. 

I was even shocked to see some blooms on the early spring bloomers like Pasque Flower and Prairie Smoke.  With the continued warmth, these plants will just continue to grow.  Cold temps shouldn’t hurt them too much because they have been outside and are not considered tender. However too many nights well below the freezing point may cause some damage, but probably not their demise.

Many people wonder what to do when the temps are going to get cold after a long warm stretch.  This year there might be a lot of covering and uncovering of your most tender plants such as hostas (which aren’t up yet though), toadlilies, and anything with thin foliage.  Most plants will not be affected by a light frost and will come through just fine. A light frost will burn the foliage of some plants and if you clean it off they will just flush new growth. I don’t usually sweat it too much, Mother Nature is going to do what she’s going to do.

Here’s a few shots of the life I uncovered yesterday.  These plants could be planted out in your garden at anytime—no need to wait for the frost free date! So if you’re in the mood to plant, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and you can come out to the farm and I can show you what I’ve got.