This spring (which is technically still winter until tomorrow—even though it already feels like summer) is off to quite a start.  The last week to ten days of unseasonably warm weather is wrecking havoc in my garden!  It has been like watching corn grow in July!  Sorry if you don’t get the correlation, but ask any farmer or farm kid from Iowa, and they can explain it.  You can literally watch corn grow from day to day in July when it is hot and humid—corn loves that kind of weather.  And this spring (or winter, or sprinter, or whatever you want to call it) I have been doing exactly that—watching my plants grow EVERY DAY!!

Here are a few shots, all taken within the last 10 days, of the progression of my garden—AMAZING!!

This is all the same clump of crocus starting on March 9th at the top and then today, March 19th on the bottom.  It is not unusual for these plants to go from start to finish in 10 days, what is unusual is the fact that I have Daffodils, and Scilla also blooming.  And Alliums and Tulips that are just as tall! Usually we have a progression on bulbs that bloom, however because it’s been so warm we have everything coming up and blooming in a shorter period of time. There are also iris, daylily, cool season ornamental grasses, lady’s mantle, lamium, yarrow, and lot of other perennials that are up and growing at a record pace!  I guess that’s what 5 days with highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s or 60’s will do for you!  Unfortunately these warm temps were brought here by a strong south wind, which by today has made these crocus spent.  The next few days of forecasted rain will not help matters either, but we need the rain desperately!

Here’s some more of what’s up and happening in my garden… all at once!

Fernleaf Peony buds showing their face!

Fernleaf Peony buds showing their face!

DSC_0679Royal Star Magnolia and Sunrise Forsythia blooming.  As you can see I left my Flame Grass standing last week when I cleaned up this perennial bed.  However beings things are moving along so fast and the soil is warm enough for them to start growing, I’d better get them cut down soon!

I usually don’t start clearing debris from my perennial beds and applying Preen and mulching until around the first of April.  This year I am already half done and that’s a good thing.  Once the weed seeds germinate, Preen does no good.  If you’ve got perennials to cut and Preen to apply, now is the time!

Spring is officially here tomorrow!