Beings the spring was so early things are a little “off” in my garden.  These two plants are two of my favorites for usually mid-late June bloom.  They both bloom for a long time and are adaptable to many conditions.


Red Valerian-Centranthus ruber ‘Coccineus’

This plant looks best mixed in with other plants to kind of “hold it up”.  It doesn’t really flop, but appreciates the support of plants around it. It will reach 18–24″ tall and has these beautiful dark pink flowers for many weeks.  Looks great with yellow flowers and the butterflies are attracted to it.  The foliage is a semi-glossy blue gray color with no disease problems.


Stachys monnieri ‘Hummelo’

Stachys ‘Hummelo’ is a very easy plant to grow that is adaptable to many conditions.  One of those conditions is drought,  It has no problem getting through a dry spell and still looking good!  The flowers are no overly large, so I usually plant this one is a grouping to get a big effect. It can reach 20″ and the blooms are long lasting. Not your usual Lamb’s Ear!!