DSC_0127I know this doesn’t look like much, but I am very excited to see buds on this plant.  It is Gas Plant Dictamus albus ‘Purpureus’.  Not a very nice name, I know, but such a cool perennial.  It is very hard to find, and I searched for years and then finally paid way too much money for this one. This year it will finally bloom!!  As you can see I surrounded it with rocks when I planted it, so I’d be sure to remember where it was each year. They are slow to mature and don’t like to be moved, so pick a good spot for it.  They become shrub like up to 30″ tall each year and produce these panicles of pink blooms in the spring that last for up to 4 weeks. In a week or two when it’s in full bloom, I will post an update.

If you’re a gardener and looking for a new plant, this is the one, and I have them for sale—$8 each!!