The weather has had it’s ups and downs around here this winter, but overall, I think it’s been pretty “normal”. More white days than brown and plenty of cold mixed in with the surprise 40+ degrees here and there.  We live in Iowa and we come to expect this.  There is something about turning the calender over to March though that really gets me thinking spring.  It’s still 20 days until the official start of spring, but something about saying the month “March”- makes me want all this white stuff to disappear so we can really get out and start digging!


There are some light flurries in the air today, but they are even almost pretty because they are just gently falling down and not amounting to much accumulation. So March can either come in like a lion or a lamb, and whichever it is not on March 1, it can be on March 31st.  I think today is coming in like a lamb, but that might mean a lion for the end of the month?  So even while this snow is calm and almost pretty, I’m claiming a lion- a really tame one that purrs instead of growls.  Just on the hope that March 31st and then the rest of the spring will be a lamb.  Even a wet soggy lamb would be fine! Whatever you decide, things are definitely moving in the right direction- we are closer to spring each and everyday!