DSC_0515Onions are the first thing to get started each spring, and these have been growing in our house for about 2 weeks. They got moved out to the greenhouse last week and will continue to grow there till about the middle of April when we plant them outside.  We are going to offer sweet onions, red onions and storage onions this year in hopes we have enough available throughout the entire market season.

It’s just nice to see some green and start to get some dirt under our fingernails!


I’m not sure if you are able to read the temperature or not, but it says 81 degrees!  That sure feels nice on a cold winter day (even though this winter has been relatively mild!) A few more weeks and the onions will share the greenhouse with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and various other veggies along with my plugs of perennials waiting to be potted up.


After the perennials are potted they get moved down to the hoophouse.


Which is not only a great place for growing plants during the season, but also a wood shop and a basketball court in the off season!  If the sun is shining, this is a great place to be on even the coldest winter days!