We started planting the garden last weekend and have some things already showing life.  Asparagus is also coming on like crazy, so if you have a patch, check it out.  It would make a great addition to what you’re having for supper tonight!  And if you don’t have a patch, find someone who grows and sells it locally, as local food is better for everyone!

We are letting our six year old, Claire, have her own garden plot this year and she is really excited about it!  So far she has planted: radishes, potatoes, peas, carrots and sweet corn.  We know it’s probably too early for sweet corn, but it is an experiment on our part.  If she’s successful, we’ll be wishing we’d planted ours too!

She probably won’t be able to plant her garden this early, or with this little of clothes on ever again! These pictures were taken on March 25th—and tank tops and shorts are not the normal attire for this time of year. Gabriel (4 years old) and Nolan (1 year old) even got to “help” a little bit!

We also got potatoes (Red Norland, Yukon Gold, and Kennebec), Carrots (Sugar Snax), Radishes (Celesta and Champion) and some Spinach in the ground too.

Our first market of the season is the weekend of April 21st- inside North Grand Mall- hope to see you there!