DSC05767The new baby chicks are always a big attraction at our farm.  Last Thursday we had 110 hens and 2 roosters delivered—almost all of them in this one box.  We like to keep the flock around 100, and so far, so good.  They are all the Gold Star breed once again, making the hens a golden color and the roosters white. It’s amazing how fast they grow up.  Just today I noticed many of them getting their “real” feathers already.  Won’t be long and they will no longer be cute and fuzzy!


Our oldest, Claire, is very helpful around the farm and she loves to show off the baby chicks.  Both of our older kids are pretty good at collecting the eggs.  Gabriel loves to “chase the chickens” in at night.  Farming is truly a family affair at our house.DSC05809

Only 22–24 more weeks and we’ll be enjoying beautiful brown eggs laid by this new group of baby chicks! Until then, our group from 2010 are still cranking out 75–80 eggs a day! Have you made the switch to farm fresh brown eggs? If not, why not start today? You won’t regret it! E-mail us anytime to find out about pick up or delivery at redgranitefarm@hotmail.com.