Our chickens are working the hardest of anyone these days.  With the end of winter in sight we are itching to get going on the garden, but for now the only thing we are harvesting is eggs.  We raise Gold Star Hens for their beautiful brown eggs.  They are Free Range Chickens (within a pen b/c we have a dog) and we get a new batch every spring. (Look for a post about the baby chicks in early April.)

Quite often we are asked what the difference between brown and white eggs is.  The simple answer is the color of the shell, but there is more to it than that.  The color of the shell is specific to the breed of chicken.  And the biggest difference is freshness.  That doesn’t come from the color though, that comes from the source.  Eggs will last 6–8 weeks in the refrigerator so buying them from a local source and knowing they were just laid is the major benefit.

Fresh eggs taste better too.  The yolks stand up nicely in a fry pan and they are a beautiful deep golden color.  You will find they make better baked goods too.  If you already buy our farm fresh eggs, we thank you.  And if you are considering it, we know you’ll be hooked after just one dozen!  Come to the market early, we often sell out in the first two hours!