Photos courtesy of Walter’s Gardens, Inc

I always get a little excited to learn what the Perennial Plant Association has selected as their “Plant of the Year.” Is is something I already grow? Is it something I’ve wanted to try and been too timid? And even a few times, I’ve been disappointed with their selection because my experience with a certain plant had been less than desirable. This year they are not disappointing me…I LOVE THIS PLANT!!

Amsonia hubrichtii is a great plant for so many reasons. It has multi-season appeal, easy to grow with little maintenance required, and it can fit into many garden styles. In spring it starts with pale blue star shaped flowers which then in summer turn to long dainty seed pods. The best show comes in fall when it turns an amazing golden yellow and lasts well into winter. It can stand alone as a garden spotlight or be used in mass plantings as a background to shorter perennials. There are no known insect or disease problems and it tolerates all types of soil.


Photos courtesy of Walter’s Gardens, Inc

There are other varieties of amsonia, but this one has the most delicate appearance with its ferny foliage. Reseeding can happen, but if it becomes a problem, you can just snip off the flowers when it’s done blooming. I find the few plants that actually make it past my spring Preen treatment, can be dug up and given to friends. This is a plant no one¬†should be disappointed with!

I am growing this plant this year and expect to have it for sale at the market in May.  Hope this little dose of spring gets you in the mood!